ALL glass pieces

Our all glass specialty bowls are one of a kind, and are made from recycled glass. These elegant pieces are the perfect addition to any  coffee or dining room table. They are coated with an FDA-approved glaze, which makes them safe for displaying fruits, vegetables, breads, chips or any other food item.

They also make wonderful gifts, and can be filled with almost anything you can think of. We have seen them used for wedding, anniversary, housewarming, baby and even get well gifts. Take a tour of our photo gallery of glass pieces to get some ideas.


Our decorative bowls can compliment nearly any room in your home. They are coated with an FDA-approved glaze, which makes them safe for displaying fruits, vegetables, breads, chips or any other food item.  They can also be used as decorative pieces on dining tables, in guest bathrooms, or in your office.  And, they also make spectacular gifts. Check out our photo gallery  for some great gift giving ideas!

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All season pots

Our weather-proof planting pots are made of various kinds of aggregates. They are durable and can withstand the hot, cold and wet seasons.  The inside of these pots are lined with a thin cementious layer and each has a drainage hole making them ideal for all types of planting. Succulents, small vegetables and flowers are good choices to adorn these beautiful planting pots. 

Handcrafted Pottery Art to Compliment Your Space

ornamental stones

Our garden stone line is sure to catch the eye, as the vibrant colors, textures and shapes come together to form a unique piece that will be the envy of all the neighbors. Decorative stones are all-weather, and are sturdy enough for actual use as stepping stones, although you won't want to walk on these beautiful pieces. Ornamental stones are available in various shapes and colors.


Our indoor-use Mixed Media decorative bowls are a mix of rock and glass.  We make them in many different combinations, colors and shapes. 

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